Meet the MP1 staff keeping YOU safe from the world’s worst criminal monsterminds…

Fangs Enigma

Special Agent Fangs Enigma is the world’s greatest vampire spy (his words, not ours).  When he’s not chasing bad guys down dark alleyways, or foiling elaborate bank robberies, he can often be found at an exclusive casino, where he enjoys sipping his favourite drink at the roulette table – ice cold milk, with just a dash of human blood.  Ladies of all types, supernatural or not, are helpless to his wit, charm and endless supply of devastating chat-up lines.  Any beautiful female who wants to find out more should contact him via MP1 headquarters.

Puppy Brown

Special Agent Puppy Brown is Fangs’s ever-loyal sidekick and, some might say, the brains of the operation.  Trained in martial arts, computer hacking and operation of all manner of vehicles, Puppy is never without her laptop and smartphone, with which she can access just about any computer system in the world.  A werewolf, something sadly went wrong with her first transformation, and she now remains permanently hairy – except for each full moon, when she transforms back into a terrified schoolgirl for the night.


Phlem is the strict head of MP1 and, according to some, the only slime beast ever to survive outside the confines of the legendary black lagoon.  After years in the field as a tough MP1 agent, Phlem was promoted to run the organisation after a sustaining an injury during a battle with an ice shark.  No-one has ever seen the resulting scar, but it is rumoured to resemble a relief map of Belgium.  When he’s not running the greatest supernatural intelligence organisation in the world, Phlem likes to take long walks along the sea bed of the English Channel.

Miss Bile

Miss Bile is Phlem’s personal secretary, and the last line of defence when it comes to reaching the big man himself.  Be warned – she is VERY unlikely to let you enter his office under any circumstances… unless you happen to be the world’s greatest vampire spy, that is.  Yes, it’s true – Miss Bile does have something of a soft spot for Special Agent Fangs Enigma.  An aging banshee, Miss Bile completely lost her teeth many years ago – which can make conversations with her quite a messy experience.


Professor Hubert Cubit is MP1’s top brain-box – in more ways than one.  As a child, Hubert realised that knowledge always comes in square packages.  “Books, computers, filing cabinets – all square and all packed with facts,” he has been known to say.  “However, round items such as tennis balls and scoops of ice cream contain hardly any information at all!”  It was because of this revelation that the young Hubert built a wooden frame to wear over his head at all times, steadily growing his skull from a useless sphere to a fact-filled cube.